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Offer Date: 08-01-2021 - 26-02-2021

Buy 5 bags (15kg each) of Briquettes and get a 6th bag FREE OF CHARGE

Only £5.95 each

Why Use Briquettes?

Easy to use and transport

Easy to store (keep them dry!)

Lights up quickly

Breaks up easily for smaller stoves

For heat output, they typically are more cost-effective than logs

Odourless, they are great for open fire cooking

Use them alone or with firewood

Very little smoke

Very little ash

  • 2 packs of 15kg Bark Briquettes for only £10.95

    Only available on current stock.

    Benefits of Night Briquettes:

    Long burn with regular heat output.

    Cost-effective solution for keeping fires warm overnight.

    Compact and easy to store.

    Environmentally friendly.

    Perfect complementary product for Hardwood Heat Logs

    Each minipack contains 12 night briquettes.

    Calorific Value is: 4.90kWh/kg