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Hardwoods Sawn and PSE available


Hardwood is very durable as it comes from slow growing, broad leaved trees, which means the timber has a higher density than softwoods. Hardwoods are suitable for a large range of applications including construction, joinery and decking.


From Oak to Zebrano we can offer up to 50 of today’s most popular species of timber.

Our hardwood timbers are imported from the world’s greatest forests and always with a responsible approach to the environment, where possible product is sourced from proven and sustainable forests.

All our hardwood and softwood timber can be machined to your required specification or chosen profile in our fully equipped machining operation. This facility encompasses state of the art technology; ensuring the high quality, versatility and quick turnaround you would expect from a market leading professional.

None stocked items are available to order, subject to terms, prices on request.

Please contact our dedicated sales team for more information.

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