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Kitchen Appliances

We offer appliances from all the major brand leaders such as AEG, Bosch, Zanussi, Rangemaster and Miele.


Choose between freestanding or built in.  Range cookers come in 90cm, 100cm or 110cm widths and are perfect for the larger kitchen.  For smaller kitchens there are plenty of slot-in cookers at 60cm wide and even 50cm.  For a more streamline look a built-in oven can be integrated at eye level or below the worktops as a built-under model. Whether you prefer a single or double oven with lots of features or less we have all the options available to select from.


A good hob is a must in every kitchen and the latest trend is for induction which is energy efficient, ultra fast and safe, this technology works by heating the pan not the hob. 

Gas is still a popular choice as it's familiar and offers instant heat.  There are some fantastic gas on glass hobs available which can really give the wow factor.


Every kitchen needs efficient extraction and it's very important when selecting your hob to consider the right extraction rate for your room.  You can check this by multiplying the volume of your kitchen (length x wifth x height in meters) then x 10, this will give you the minimum extraction rate that your kitchen needs.  You should also consider a model with a low decibel output especially in an open plan situation.  Anything between 50db and 60db is considered quiet.


Create cooking flexibility by adding a microwave to a bank of appliances, many manufacturers offer a collection of microwaves, steam ovens, coffee machines and wine coolers in a 45cm height as opposed to 60cm.  A combination microwave allows you to bake, grill and roast and can be used to supplement the main oven when cooking on a larger scale. 

Steam ovens are a versatile way to cook and can be used for all sorts of dishes from vegetables to cakes retaining food nutrients and vitamins.


Think about your needs in terms of how many place settings you require, built in full size models are usually 13 place and 60cm wide where as slimline models are 45cm wide with 9 place settings.  Freestanding dishwashers largely come in black or white or stainless steel while semi integrated dishwashers are partly concealed behind a cabinet door with only the central panel on show.  A fully integrated design is completely concealed behind a door for a more seamless look.

Fridge Freezers

The main points to consider when looking at a fridge freezer are capacity and efficiency, think about your storage needs, fresh versus frozen this will determine whether you opt for a 50/50 combination, 70/30 split option or a American style fridge freezer.  Refrigeration is rated for energy efficiently with A+++ being most efficient.  Remember your fridge freezer is on constantly so it's important to choose the most efficient model for your budget.

Our staff are very knowledgeable and would be delighted to assist you in your selection process.

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