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Manufactured Wood Briquettes/heat logs

Why Choose Manufactured Wood Briquettes?

Heat logs/wood briquettes are one of the fuels of the future!

We sell locally produced wood briquettes/heat logs made from our sister joinery manufacturing site who collect all waste wood, chip and feed to our briquetter for re-manufacture into heat logs.

Made from hardwood/softwood offcuts and shavings which is not only carbon neutral (the trees that it is indirectly made from consume as much co2 in their lifetime as is released when the fuel is burnt) but very environmentally responsible (no additional trees are cut down to make Ecofire heat logs they are made entirely from waste products)

Excellent to use to burn along with hardwood. Can be used in some Bio-Mass Boilers, Open Fires, Log Burners and on the chillier summer evenings on the Chiminea.