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Engineered Wood Flooring

High Quality Engineered Wood Flooring

Constructed from multiple wood layers with a hard wood surface, engineered floors are the modern alternative to solid wood. They offer several practical advantages without compromising on the authentic real wood look and feel.

Because of its layered construction an engineered wood floor is more stable and may not be as affected by changes in their environment. This stability means there is less need to accommodate for seasonal movement when installing, a reduced acclimatization period and it allows most engineered floors to be fitted above underfloor heating.

All engineered floors can be installed as floating floors. This is the easiest method of installation and requires no previous experience. Alternative methods of fitting are available if required.

The hard wood top layer of engineered flooring can be finished with an oil or lacquer. Oil finishes provide a natural appearance, can be periodically treated with maintenance oils and will wear beautifully over time.

Lacquered finishes enhance the natural appearance of engineered wood flooring and are more resilient to stains. They are the best option for really intensive areas of the home such as kitchens and entrance halls.

Like solid wood and most laminate floors, engineered wood flooring is not recommend for areas prone to high levels of moisture such as bathrooms and wet areas.

Engineered Wood Flooring Features.

  • 125mm - 150mm - 200mm - 220mm - 260mm Wide Boards.
  • Unfinished - Oiled Finish - Lacquered Finish.
  • Wide selection of woods to choose from.
  • All Engineered Wood Flooring comes with T&G for easy installation.
  • Full range of after-care products available.
  • Parquet Flooring available
  • Wide selection of suppliers with products to suits everyone.

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